Whitewash Your Brick or Stone Fireplace With CHALK PAINT®

If you have thought about brightening up your brick or stone fireplace, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is your answer!  All you do is water down your paint (20 to 30%), and brush away.  Number of coats will depend on the coverage you are looking for.  No topcoat necessary!   Easy-Peasy!  


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Paint Your Outdoor Furniture With Chalk Paint By Annie Sloan!

Spring is in the air!  Take a look outside and see what you can freshen up with our Chalk Paint By Annie Sloan!  No topcoat needed!!!  You will be amazed at the durability!

If you are lucky enough to have a paint sprayer, our paint can be diluted to be used in one!  Otherwise, get out your trusty brushes!  Tons of ideas on Pinterest!

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As the major contributor this website, I look to inspire you with all the possibilities Annie’s paint has to offer.  These pieces caught my eye, especially the rich color of  Napoleonic Blue and Emperor’s silk!  Not everyone has the opportunity to use these custom colors in their homes but you have to admit they are gorgeous!

From:  Shabby Roots Boutique

  1. This small French provincial tall dresser is so whimsical. Hand painted in a custom soft baby pink- sealed with multiple coats of a dark antiquing wax glaze for a beautiful shabby chic / old world finish. Distressed here and there. Beautiful brass hardware that has been highlighted with just a touch of gold gilding wax.
  2.  For this pretty jewel tone they used Emperor’s Silk & Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. Then they added a touch of Florence and Pure White to brighten to just the right tone.


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Italian Hand Blown Glass Vessels

We have a limited quantity of vintage and antique Italian hand blown glass vessels originally used to store wine and oil. Hand made, each vessel is unique in color, size and style depending on the period of manufacture and, of course, the individual glass blower. Pictured left to right in the first image is an early “round”, 125-150  years old, a cylindrical “verde” with giraffe neck at 100 years or older, and a “smoke” cylindrical (darker to preserve wine) with an identifying mark of the family who originally owned it, and is  over 100 years old.

The second image shows vintage vessels manufactured between 1920 and 1960. These are more uniform in shape as they were hand blown into molds.

Collected over several decades by an Italian family, they were eventually brought to the US  to sell. Unfortunately, the family had to return home early and left many here in storage. Over time, their contact here in the US sold most of them. We were fortunate enough to obtain a number of the remaining ones stored here in Atlanta.

These vessels are typically between 22” to 28” tall, are very attractive and will add style and elegance to both residential and commercial settings.

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Unicorn Spit – All Colors In Stock!

You’ve heard about it and we have it!  Come in to see our full display of the most colorful product on the market!  Our unique display showcases the possibilities of this new, fun medium.  We are the only local retailer within 100 miles that stocks this product.

Unicorn SPiT’s Gel Stain and Glaze in One™ is the only product on the market today that does the duty of staining deep into the bare wood grain, glazing over existing finishes, brightening and highlighting chalk paint, and at the same time giving you a three dimensional effect.

Not only does Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain turn ordinary furniture into a PIECE of art, it can also be used on FABRIC, CANVAS,


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Attention All Designers, Builders and Homeowners! Currey Lighting!

Chalk It Up Norcross is now an authorized dealer for Currey & Company. We are excited to offer this beautiful lighting at a substantial discount.  Come in and browse the catalogs to find the perfect chandelier for your home, design project or model homes.

Lighting can be more than illuminating fixtures that looks and feels like any other fixture. Currey & Company hand forages its iron fixtures to ensure a unique and special experience. Each light is made from an array of materials from brass, to hand-carved wood to porcelain. Consider the endless possibilities of a lighting company that uses nature as an influencer to lighten up your world. For the more whimsical at heart, choose a charming light fixture with exceptional style and design from the artistry of Currey & Company.

Currey & Company – Vibrant and Elegant Lighting for Any Home

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Paint Your Floors!

Annie Sloan Lacquer makes it easy to use Chalk Paint®
to transform your floors and create beautiful, coordinating spaces.
After painting, apply Annie Sloan Lacquer to add strength, durability
and a slight sheen to your floors. It even goes on clear to keep the focus
where it matters – the paint!

Pictured above is the floor of our New Orleans studio, which was painted 
with Coco in early 2014 and sealed with Annie Sloan Lacquer.
After years of daily use, it’s still looking good!

To learn how it’s done, visit the Palette blog and see how several
Annie Sloan Stockists used Chalk Paint® and Annie Sloan Lacquer
to elevate the look of their floors.

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New Year New Looks!

New Year New Looks!  What’s your next project going to be?

Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to ring in 2017!
With the new year comes the chance for a new beginning –
why not try out a new look, too?

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We Paint Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinets!!

DID YOU KNOW WE PAINT KITCHEN/BATHROOM CABINETS??? Just finished this kitchen for a wonderful customer with 2 adorable children and a great kitty named Oliver!…

Call or come in and talk to us about it or call our talented associate, Tracy Gilleland at her workshop @ 770-623-8003 or email her tracy@chalkitupnorcross.com.




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Pantone Color of the Year! (and holiday hours)

greenKnown as the worldwide authority on color,
Pantone just announced
Greenery as the Color of the Year for 2017 –
a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that symbolizes
the re-connection we seek with nature.

Stock up this week for your after holiday projects. All those ideas that you are looking at on

Pinterest can be done with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan! Click here to see Annie Sloan Video Tutorials.

Give yourself a little paint therapy after all your hard work!

We will be open till 1:30 pm on Christmas Eve
and closed on Monday, December 26th.

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