Annie’s New Black And White Wax Is In Stock!

New Annie Sloan Black & White Waxes And Sanding Pads Are Here!

Annie’s new waxes have arrived at Chalk It Up Norcross! We have been playing with the new Black and White Waxes, and honestly, we can not choose a favorite. They both offer amazing and very different options for furniture, cabinets, and accessories.


Annie Sloan's new black wax.
To apply the new Black Wax, use Clear Wax first, just like when using Dark Wax. Apply black in small sections, then wipe away. When using Black Wax over Graphite paint, the effect will be Black Black.

Annie Sloan's new white wax.
Use the White Wax directly over raw wood to create a “limed” look, plus it can be used over any of the Chalk Paint® colors to create a soft effect.


Apply the waxes with a sweeping motion, using the side of the brush, without baring down hard on the brush. After waxing a small section, simply wipe away excess, turning your cloth to a clean area often. Allow clear wax to dry at least 15 minutes before buffing it you want to achieve a sheen. Wait not longer that 24 hours to buff.


Annie Sloan sanding pads.

Annie Sloan Sanding Pads come in packs of three, with one pad of each grade – fine (220 grit), medium (120 grit) and coarse (60 grit).

The fine pad can be used for light distressing or flat finishes, and for a delicate worn effect you can use the medium grade pad. If you prefer a rustic heavily distressed look the coarse pad will help make stunning results easy to achieve.

Annie Sloan foam rollers

Annie’s high quality sponge rollers are the perfect complement to the Annie Sloan Stencil collection. Available in Small and Large, they each feature an ergonomic wooden handle.

Refill sponge packs are also available in both sizes and contain seven replacement sponge heads per pack.

Annie Sloan’s Secret To Using Dark Wax!

How to use Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax wax2

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous, softly antiqued, waxed finish on some pieces?

We sure do!

Annie’s secret is simply to wax first with Clear Wax, wipe off any excess, then let sit up to 5 minutes before adding Dark Wax. The clear adds a sheen to the flat Chalk Paint®, and therefore the ability for the dark to glide beautifully on top.

If you skip the clear wax step, the result will be that the dark wax does not want to glide and remains “stuck” in place, it’s very dark, and can appear splotchy on larger surfaces.

After applying the Clear Wax, then use the Dark Wax, remove any excess product, and buff to a nice soft sheen.

Here’s How To Use Artisan Enhancements Foil And Leaf & Foil Size!

There’s just nothing like seeing how to do a project on video, right? We love using Artisan Enhancements foil in several awesome colors, and their Leaf & Foil Size that you need to adhere the foil. It’s so easy!

We are sharing this YouTube video by our friend Debbie Dion Hayes of

Check it out, then come see us at Chalk It Up Norcross. We have everything you need to do this, or SHOP ONLINE HERE.


Annie Sloan Announces #25 Project For Communities!

Annie Sloan announces the #25project.

Annie has just announced the #25project!

To celebrate 25 years of Chalk Paint®, she wants to transform 25 spaces nominated by customers – all over the globe. Whether it’s a beloved town hall, school, library or youth club, she wants to hear our local area’s recommendations!

From now until the end of April, Annie and Chalk It Up Norcross are inviting you to visit the #25project web page to nominate a project in our community.

Winners will be announced in May, and then we can all watch as these transformations take place all over the world!

How To Use Chalk Paint@ With Tinted Wax On Furniture For A Natural Aged Effect!

Natural distressed finish tutorial using Chalk Paint® and Soft Wax 

Our friend, Jenni Turcotte of Marcottes Design Salvage in Largo, Florida shared this fabulous recipe for her Natural Distressed Finish using Chalk Paint® and Clear Soft Wax.

Here’s the BEFORE!

Natural distressed finish tutorial using Chalk Paint® and Soft Wax

HOW TO GET THIS GORGEOUS LOOK! We have all of the supplies you need at Chalk It Up Norcross!


Wipe on General Finishes brown mahogany. Let dry. Wipe on 3 coats of semigloss clear coat. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for drying times.


  • Paint on 2 coats of Graphite Chalk Paint®, and let dry well.
  • Make a tinted wax using Annie Sloan Pure White paint. About 20% paint to 80% wax. Mix well. Thin the mixture with 10% mineral spirits, which makes almost a thick paint consistency. Apply the wax with a rag in a swiping motion, then immediately wipe back with a clean rag. Turn the rag often to a clean area. Wipe until there is no longer a sticky feel.

All photos courtesy of Jenni Turcotte


Painter Extraordinaire Linda Kirchner Shares Her Executive Desk Upcycle Tutorial

This week we are featuring an executive desk upcycle tutorial project by our friend Linda, of the blog  All products can be purchased at Chalk It Up Norcross.

General Finishes Gel Stains and Gel Topcoats make restoring previously stained finishes so easy!

Blogger Linda Kirchner's executive desk upcycle tutorialBlogger Linda Kirchner's executive desk upcycle tutorial

Blogger Linda Kirchner's executive desk upcycle tutorial

Make this desk look new again, using these products, available at Chalk It Up Norcross:


  • Java Gel
  • Gel Topcoat Satin
  • Odorless Mineral Spirits (for cleaning)
  • 220-grit sanding pad (for light cleaning)
  • 3-inch foam applicator (for staining)
  • Multi Painter (add hose for superb application)
  • Stir sticks (to mix stain & topcoat)
  • Tape
  • Blue shop towels
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Pie tin

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