Sharing A Favorite Furniture Paint Recipe, A Featured Dresser & Lamps For Sale

Old Ochre dresser with Original color wash


We do know that not all of our customers paint furniture, so if you love this lovely hand painted piece, it can be yours! Picture it as a dresser or a sideboard or even a bathroom vanity upfitted with a sink.


We discovered these matching Regina Andrews lamps in the fall and they are selling like crazy. Classy and high end, they make a gorgeous statement anywhere in your home.


If you have visited our store in historic Norcross, you probably noticed this dresser. Every DIY painter who drops by wants to know our “secret” recipe, so our New Year’s gift to you is how to get this pretty look!

WASHED OLD OCHRE using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Supplies: Old Ochre, Old White and Pure White Chalk Paint®, Clear Finish by Artisan Enhancements, Gilding Wax

STEP ONE   Clean thoroughly. Sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper if the piece is very shiny. Make repairs if needed.

STEP TWO   Paint 2 coats of Old Ochre. Let dry.

STEP THREE   Make a 1:1 wash of Old White & Pure White plus about 40% water. Wash the entire piece. Let dry. (Before adding water, set aside some full strength paint to outline accent areas.)

STEP FOUR   Use the full strength mix and a small brush to outline accent areas like the drawer and skirt edges. Let dry.

STEP FIVE   Brush on a thin coat of Clear Finish. Let dry.

STEP SIX   Dip your finger into the Gilding Wax and touch the wax gently and lightly to areas you want to highlight and wipe with a cloth.

STEP SEVEN   Send us photos of your Before & After photos so we can share on our social media and website!



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Gorgeous New Lighting Is Arriving + We Sell The Color Inspiration Notebook!

Our new lamp plus the Color Inspiration Notebook

We shopped like crazy recently at the High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina, and now we are unpacking like crazy! New lamps, pendants and mirrors are arriving almost daily. This lamp is truly stunning.

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